Diana Reddy is a community advocate who has been organizing in Redwood City for more than 20 years. Diana has championed education, healthcare, and housing throughout that career of advocacy. Diana served Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County as a Community Builder, organizing in communities and advocating for policies to increase affordable housing. She served on the San Mateo County Living Wage Task Force, a coalition of labor and faith leaders working with electeds. She served on the City of Redwood City Housing and Human Concerns Committee. She is a veteran leader and twice served as Co-Chair of Faith in Action (formerly Peninsula Interfaith Action), where she advocated for schools at the state level and access to healthcare and housing at the county, state, and national levels. She is currently a member of the Working Families Alliance. In recent years housing has been her focus, because she believes stable housing is the foundation for a stable community.

Background: Hardworking single mom
Diana was raised in Redwood City. Her mother taught elementary school and her father taught at Sequoia and Menlo-Atherton high schools. He later became Principal at Menlo-Atherton where he created the Dad’s Club to safeguard the civil rights of all students. “I am grateful that I embraced the social justice passions of my father,” she said.

As a single mom, Diana raised her children in Redwood City. She still lives in the family home where she grew up in the Eagle Hill neighborhood. For more than 30 years, Diana worked for the Sequoia Union High School District and advocated for students and teachers.

Spectrum Magazine featured Diana in its November 2015 issue.

Diana Reddy

Mailing Adress:
Diana Reddy for City Council
P.O. Box 354
Redwood City, CA 94064-0354


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