Redwood City residents are concerned about development, transportation, and housing. Although we are surrounded by the wealth of Silicon Valley, many of us face stagnant wages, mounting debt, long commutes, and housing insecurity. Mostly, residents believe their voices have not been heard. As a council member, my priorities will be guided by our community’s needs. I am listening to Redwood City residents, and I will fight for environmental, housing, transportation, and economic justice.

Electoral Reform

Local government should be transparent and accountable to voters. I believe Redwood City should reform its elections by adopting district elections. Under this plan, each council member would represent a geographic area of the City, ensuring fair representation for all neighborhoods. District elections empower voters to elect council members who truly represent them.

Responsible Budget

Redwood City is facing a budget deficit. The City anticipates cuts to police, fire, and library services. The City Council has also proposed new taxes. While I support the goal of balancing the City’s budget, I oppose the proposed sales tax as higher sales taxes hurt our working families and vulnerable seniors. Instead, I am looking to experienced city staff to help me identify potential cost savings and out-of-the-box revenue streams.

Development & Growth

Cities are living things — they need to be able to change and adapt, to start small and mature gradually over time. The kind of development we need today is based on creating and preserving diverse neighborhoods.

I support new commercial development projects that include housing to support a growing workforce.  If we are going to keep building, we must receive community benefits that correspond to the financial benefit developers will receive by building in our community.

Redwood City has the opportunity to become an Age-Friendly City by implementing the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Our Santa Clara County neighbors are taking steps toward helping their communities better serve and accommodate seniors. We can too.

Housing Justice

Safe, stable housing is the cornerstone of a strong community. I support the production and preservation of affordable housing and policies that prevent displacement, unjust evictions, and huge rent increases. It is critical that teachers, nurses, first responders, and low-income workers essential to the City remain in our community.

Many of Redwood City’s homeless residents actually work in local businesses. They have been displaced from their homes in Redwood City and sleep in their cars or RVs. A city that can’t provide housing for all its residents needs to consider safe, overnight parking in designated areas. This doesn’t address the core housing crisis, but we can start by treating folks more humanely when they are at their most vulnerable.

Economic Justice

Local businesses are having difficulty hiring and retaining employees because of the high cost of commercial rent and high employee turnover due to unaffordable housing. I believe the City should collaborate with non-profits and assist small business owners in negotiating equitable commercial lease agreements.

I support raising the minimum wage in Redwood City to improve the lives of people in low-paying jobs. I support all workers and policies that protect their rights to collectively bargain for fair compensation, job security, and benefits, including healthcare and pensions.

Some businesses are notorious for their discriminatory pay practices for female employees, and they lack true diversity as a result of their hiring practices. I will urge Redwood City employers to commit to gender pay equity and diversity in their hiring policies.


Safe, reliable, and affordable public transit is good for the environment and for people. All cities in San Mateo County have decent north/south, but not east/west transportation. We need to improve east/west access, with a special focus on the needs of seniors and low-income families, students, and the disabled.

Congestion is a result of the jobs-housing imbalance and outdated road networks. We need to fundamentally rethink the way we build and move around our cities, and create an ecosystem that enables local jobs and destinations to reduce traffic.

Public Safety

Our population has increased with new housing developments.  We must keep the police and fire departments well-staffed to effectively protect our city.  The RWC Police Department is known for its strong community outreach through social media, Coffee with Cops, and youth programs. I will fight to preserve these essential programs and other initiatives that foster trust between community members and law enforcement.

Our Police Department must also work collaboratively with the County Mental Health Department to better address the challenges of people with mental health issues.


New development must be guided by principles of sustainability, and public policy must promote local, regional, and planetary health for future generations. Creek flooding impacts mobile home parks along the eastern edge of our City, and sea level rise threatens the future of Redwood Shores and the bayfront.  We must work with the County and other involved cities to prepare for future flooding.

Diana Reddy

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